The Official RI Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

After the overwhelming response to my Christmas gift guide, I figured it was time to do a Valentine’s edition! I’ve curated a list with some of my favorite things I’ve seen around Kigali lately, from trendy pants to whisky-filled chocolate to the best Valentine’s Prix Fixe menus. Enjoy!

valentines day

I’ve fallen in love with this Musanze-made chocolate in the last few months. My two favorites are the Whisky Pralines and the Pili-Pili Dark Chocolate Bar. Their shop (in Ubumwe House) has lots of gift wrapping options, including custom collections packaged for you. A box of pralines runs about 6000rwf, and a large bar is 3000.

Of course honey and candles are a good idea for Valentine’s Day! BC has made this super easy, as they’ve put together gift baskets featuring cute little candles, lip balm, a lotion bar, even some massage oil πŸ˜‰ The baskets are 8,500 and are a great discount on the individual prices. Plus, they’re already wrapped for you!

It’s no secret that I love The Shop, as it houses tons of organizations I love, making products I adore! For Valentine’s Day, I’d recommend some cow horn / tassel earrings & necklace set (DuHope) or tea towels (More Than Sparrows) for your lady, a leather braided cuff or wallet for your man (DuHope / Betsie Jane), or some beautiful baskets (Talking Through Art) for anyone πŸ™‚ Earrings start around 4,000!

I absolutely love everything Abraham makes, and honestly- so does just about every woman I know! His upcycled brass jewelry pieces come in both classic and unique designs- there’s something for everyone. I love the hammered brass earrings and bracelets (5,000 and 10,000, I believe) and the chevron and imigongo style necklaces (16,000) PS: rumor has it there’s going to be a special sale for Rwanda Influence readers next week. Shhh! πŸ™‚

Yep. Of course. A mani-pedi will suffice, but their spa packages are wonderful, too. I’m a huge fan of their body scrub, actually! Really makes the experience feel special. Mani-Pedi starts at 10,000, massages from 16,000! Consider pairing this gift with a bottle of Azzi Polish, too.

I’ve recently started using Zerufi Organics products, and I think they are fantastic. My favorite is the body butter, which is great for everyday use, but can also double as a massage oil, too πŸ˜‰ Their skin serums are all-natural and so luxurious- I use one every night! Body butters are 15,000 and worth every franc, IMO! Most easily available via KASHA home delivery πŸ™‚

Rwanda’s signature pottery makes a lovely gift on Valentine’s day. Consider a large vase full of fresh flowers (always from Olive at DMALL), or maybe a mug and saucer set with a bag of herbal tea from Afia Organics? A set of dishes, or some cooking/serving bowls are great, too!

For the coffee buff in your life, consider making your own little gift set of an AeroPress and a bag of special Question Coffee! They even have some fun banana leaf coffee art.

Everyone needs some of Ysolde’s Magical Shoes! They offer off-the-rack shoes in store, or you can custom design your own pair with about a week turnaround. Consider a gift certificate for a custom pair for the person you just can’t pick the right gift for! Men’s and women’s options, too πŸ™‚ Check out the latest post on our Instagram for your chance to WIN A PAIR!

I am obsessed with Sonia’s ethereal, bohemian-yet-professional new collection. From dainty florals to more bold tropical prints, I think you could find a stunning gift for just about any woman in your life!

A great one-stop-shop if you aren’t sure what to buy. Their wide-leg printed pants are hugely popular right now, as are their skirts and maxi dresses- but their beaded jewelry is also gorgeous! Bonus- Haute Baso houses Lisa B Marler‘s handbags- one of my favorites, too. Suggestion: pants and a new clutch. BOOM. Valentine’s Day HANDLED.

Perfect for the man in your life! Anything from a new tie (even bow ties!) to a custom suit. House of Tayo is getting lots of hype, and I can see why!

I mean, of course this is on the list. Take your loved one to the Marriott for the night! Pool. Sauna. Air conditioning. All the water. All the food. No brainer. Resident rates are $150 on the weekends. YASSS!

Multiple restos around Kigali are doing special dinners on Valentine’s Day. I just feel like something about a fixed menu is really special, right? Might I suggest The Hut or Poivre Noir? These are always slam dunks for us πŸ™‚


However you celebrate Valentine’s Day, I hope you feel super loved and celebrated for who you are! All my love- Karli

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