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I’ve gotten to share a bit more of my story over on the Rwanda Influence Instagram page in the last few weeks, and with that has been a great discussion on mental health, self care, and counseling. Counseling has been a pillar of stability and healing for me in many seasons of my life, both while living in my passport country and when living abroad.

As I shared this, I was shocked by the amount of DM’s and messages I received asking about counseling resources in Kigali. There are NGO’s offering counseling services to Rwandans (so great), but I’ve found that there are fewer counselors working in English and serving the expat community. I think this is SO important for the vitality of every human, but especially us living overseas- so I want to make sure this information is available to everyone!

Both of these counseling centers are staffed with incredible, kind people who I know are an invaluable resource to their clients- and will be for you, too. If you’ve ever thought counseling could be useful to you- go! You won’t regret it.

*Note: both of these centers also serve Rwandans. However, they have counselors who work in English (first language) which is helpful to many expats.

Lighthouse, located in Kibagabaga, houses multiple counselors including a child/play therapy specialist, individual and family counseling, trauma specialists, marriage specialists and more.
PHONE: +250787098489

Read an article about the founder HERE 🙂

*personal note: this is where I attend counseling and I love it!

Solid Minds, located in Kacyiru, specializes in individual and group counseling,
social work and community development, grief counseling, employee counseling and assistance, drug abuse and addictions counseling, student counseling, life coaching and mentoring, marriage and family counseling, career counseling, chronic disease counseling, and anger management.
PHONE: +250788503528

*personal note: I haven’t attended counseling here, but have heard great testimonies and know several of the therapists personally and they are wonderful people!

If you know of other counseling services in Rwanda, please let me know so I can add them to the list!

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