Delivery Services to Make Your Life Easier

One of the things that I miss the most about Rwanda when I visit the US is the ability to have almost any resto I want delivered to my door from one app. I mean, let’s face it- Jumia makes my meal plan almost every week, and definitely makes life easier!

I’ve found that utilizing many delivery services here can help take things off of my to-do list and help me accomplish more in my day. Plus, you’re supporting cool local businesses and helping provide jobs to delivery drivers and more. I love it!

Here’s a few of our favorites. I’ve used them all at some point and have had good customer service experiences. I hope they make your life easier, too! And let me know if you’ve found any that I should add to the list. I’d love to find a budget flower delivery service!

HeHe (and, specifically, HMART)
HeHe is a newer delivery platform that’s positioned itself almost like a deliverable shopping mall. There are lots of familiar Rwandan businesses on their site available for delivery- think ToddleCare and the like- that would ease that “oh shoot we have a birthday party this afternoon” kind of stress 🙂

The gem of HeHe, though, is HMART (formerly GroceWheels). I’ve used this service on and off for years now, and I have always been pleased. The produce prices are similar to Kimironko Market, and staples are a bit more than Simba price, but for the convenience…I’ll pay it! They offer delivery slots, from nest day (free) up to 2 hours (1500rwf). Even when I’ve had a problem with my order, they have very quickly gone above and beyond to make it right.

Full disclosure: I used to send my housekeeper to the market each week, but it always felt unpredictable to me how much we would spend. I like that I can see my total, add and subtract items as I see fit, and know that my order will be within my budget. So helpful!

Shop now!

The Women’s Bakery
Fresh. Bread. Delivery. This is a total hole in the market and I don’t think enough people know about this! You can get any of TWB’s (in stock) goods delivered for just the cost of the moto. Or, you can place an order a day ahead to ensure what you need is available! We love the Large Loaf (makes amazing Overnight French Toast) and the pretzels- a perfect special after school snack.

To order, call : 0784444455 or email 🙂

Get It
Get It has changed their game in the last few years, but the subscription box-style deliveries they offer now are still super helpful- Choose from Mixed Veg, Fruit, Greens, or Eggs. A favorite in our community is their egg delivery- good quality eggs, paid for a month in advance and then delivered weekly. If you’re up for more of an adventure and like a variety of produce, their produce boxes are great, too! I’m always impressed with the quality of produce Get It provides 🙂

Send them a FB message at to get set up!

Let’s face it- we both love and hate Jumia. It’s so convenient and we all use it, there isn’t a great competitor, your food might end up being really late or super messy and you’ll likely never see a refund, but you’ll keep using the service anyway because there’s nothing better than Flavours’ Honey Chili Fries delivered to you at the end of a hard day (no? just me?).

Anyway- if you’re new to this, Jumia is an app that lets you order from tons of different places around the city, gives you an estimated delivery time, and lets you track the progress of your order. You can get SO many restos delivered, and now even groceries, alcohol, good grief we saw cigarettes and condoms on there the other day. Crazy! Keep your eyes on their social media, as Jumia will often post discount codes for free deliveries or discounts!

Shop now via the Jumia app!

I’ve recently discovered Kasha, a really cool company whose mission is to provide accessibility for women’s health products. They carry a good range of USA/European body and beauty products, as well as EA ones, plus feminine hygiene products and various forms of contraceptives. I’ve seen brands such as Shea Moisture, St Ive’s, MAC, NYX, Bath and Body Works and more available here- for a mark up, but still. Also one of the only places I’ve ever seen reusable menstrual cups for sale here.

They run sales occasionally that are useful for stocking up, and they just launched a “back to school kit” that includes lots of useful household and hygiene items at a discount. I like to use them to have my diapers delivered in bulk! Saves me time and energy.

Shop now:

Gas Delivery
You know that feeling- you’re about to cook eggs for your screaming toddler and you realize your gas tank is out. Or worse, you’re prepping for a dinner party and you’re about to bake a cake. Cue Gas Delivery! Some of my friends have had them at their house in 15min or less- these guys are on it. Superheroes, I tell ya!

To order, call 0781705953 / 722892791 🙂

Garden of Eden Organic Produce
Frank of GOE just opened a sweet little produce shop in Kacyiru (across from Toddle Care), but many people don’t realize- he delivers! There are many hard to find items usually in stock, from kale to colored peppers, rhubarb to berries.

To order, call 0784929046 🙂


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