Kigali Lunch on a Budget (Under 5000RWF!)

kigali lunch

Living in Kigali as the wife of a humanitarian worker, I’ve become quite the expert on how to eat out on a budget! Kigali is full of amazing places to eat, many of which are super affordable. Aside from your standard Rwandan buffet (there are many great ones- just look around your neighborhood) here are a few of my favorites:

Pad Thai – Kibagabaga
This relatively new addition to the Kigali resto scene is a Thai-Indian joint that boasts incredible flavor at bargain prices. The atmosphere isn’t why you go (it’s close to a road, and theres just 2 small tables outside) but the food is outstanding. You can take away, too! Our favorite: Chicken Pad Thai, 3900RWF

Inzora – Kacyiru
Grilled. Cheese. I feel like that’s all that needs to be said here- but really, this is the best grilled cheese I’ve ever had. Hands down. It’s somehow sweet and spicy, decadent but almost healthy feeling with the cucumber and garbanzo salad. The best! 4500RWF, drink not included.

Preet – Town
An absolute favorite in our house, this Indian street food shop is a hole in the wall- you’ve gotta know where you’re going, but you’ll be glad you do! Order a variety of dishes for your table to share. Bonus: everything is vegetarian. Our favorite: Samosa Chat, smashes veg samosas covered in peanut sauce and crunchy stuff. I’m drooling just thinking about it!

Kijami Table – Nyarutarama
This is like your typical Rwandan buffet, but upscaled. Nice atmosphere and thought put into food presentation- plus, it’s all you can eat! Our favorite: Ugali Balls. 4500RWF, drink not included.

CasaKeza – Kacyiru
This one is pushing it on my 5000RWF cap, but each weekday is a fixed menu, with a 2-course option for 5000RWF, or 3 courses for 6000RWF. I’ve had several of the different menus, and all are delicious! If they have pumpkin soup, definitely try it. This is a favorite for a meal that feels a bit fancier, but is still budget.

Master Coffee – Kibagabaga
Note: this is not the same as Masters Lounge in MTN center- totally different place, located across from Holy Trinity Cathedral (near the hospital) in Kibagabaga. They have a variety on their menu, but the star here is the Beef Filet at 4000RWF. I kid you not, this is a dish that can feed 2 people (comes with rice, chips, and veg) and it’s actually delicious. Try it with the black pepper sauce!

Kiseki – Kimuhurura
Asian buffet- sushi, fried rice, ramen, tempura veggies, and more. Excellent value, as it’s an all you can eat buffet for 5000RWF. They also do weekly specials with different dishes on the buffet- sushi burrito, california roll, etc. 5000RWF, drink not included (but do get the peach sake for 2000RWF!)

Borneo – Kimuhurura
Indonesian buffet. One plate- but the plate is huge! I’ve never been hungry after one pass 🙂 Lots of typical rice-veggie combos, salad, tofu, and usually some kind of meat and fish as well. Smother it all with peanut sauce- you won’t regret it! Watch their Facebook, as they will have special “donut days” where you get one free at the end. 3500RWF, drink not included.

Manakeesh from Terra Cafe

Terra Cafe – Kacyiru
Arabic food- hummus, falafel, manakeesh, etc. I am full on one manakeesh (2-2500RWF depending on topping) or a falafel sandwich (3000RWF). Add a cup of Illy coffee and you’re good to go! Our favorite: za’atar and veggies manakeesh

Turambe Shoppe- Kacyiru
While Turambe’s salads (delicious as they are) do break the price cap, their soups and chicken/tuna salad sandwiches are delicious at 3500RWF! I love the chicken salad- served on whole grain Brood bread and full of grapes and avocado. Delicious and healthy!

Meze Fresh- Kacyiru
I almost forgot this one! Rwanda’s answer to Chipotle is a favorite in our family. And guac isn’t even extra! For a particularly filling lunch for your money, get a burrito- 4500 for meat (4000 for veg), drink not included.

Do you have a favorite place I haven’t included? Let me know! I’d love to try!

+Note: I only include restos/brands that I wholeheartedly endorse from personal experience in my roundups. This is like getting a recommendation straight from me, and I want you to trust my word! If it isn’t included, it likely is because I haven’t been, or wouldn’t wholeheartedly recommend. ❤

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